Procedure descriptions

Applying for an educational loan

The education loan is a temporary, low-interest loan for students in an advanced stage of their education. They can obtain this loan in addition to the BAföG grant.

Your income and assets and those of your parents are irrelevant when granting this loan. You do not need to furnish any collateral.

Caution: There is no legal entitlement to the education loan. In contrast to the BAföG, this programme has a specified budget.

You can apply for an educational loan for a second or follow up course of training.

The term is for a maximum of 24 months. You can only claim the education loan until the end of the twelfth semester of study. You can receive the education loan later than this if you complete your course of studies within 24 months of approval of the loan.

Within a single phase of education, you can receive up to 24 monthly instalments of 100 euros, 200 euros or 300 euros. These are paid in advance. If you demonstrate a corresponding requirement, you can receive a one-time advance payment of part of the loan up to an amount of 3,600 euros - in addition to the monthly payment. In total, the payments may not exceed 7,200 euros.

Termination without notice free-of-charge is always possible at the end of the month.

Interest is due on the loan from the day of payout. This interest is deferred until the start of repayment.

Note: You can get more information on the interest rate on the website of the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW).

Repayment begins four years after the first payout. You must repay 120 euros per month. The Loan Corporation collects the repayment instalments every quarter at the end of the quarter. You can make extraordinary repayments at any time and in any amount. If you are granted additional state payments for an additional educational phase, then the repayment instalments are deferred.

Responsible department

Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt)



Personal prerequisites are:

  • You are between 18 and 36 years old.
  • You are attending a full time course of training.
  • School pupils are eligible for support if they are in the final 24 months of full time training and
    • if they already possess professional qualifications or
    • if the will obtain such qualifications when they successfully complete their current school education
  • Students who
    • Have passed the intermediate examination of their course of study, for continuation of this course of study,
    • Where no intermediate examination is provided for, present a written declaration from their educational institution that they have attained the normal achievements of at least the first two years of higher education,
    • Have successfully concluded the first part of a consecutive course of study, for continuation of this course of study, or
    • Already have a degree in an undergraduate course of study, for a postgraduate course of study, for example, a Master's degree,
    • Complete an industrial placement in Germany or abroad (even outside Europe) as part of their studies.

Caution: If you are studying abroad, the foreign educational institution must be equivalent to a German institution.


You must apply for the education loan in writing to the Federal Office of Administration. There you can request the application form or you can fill it out directly on the website of the Federal Office of Administration. In this case, the required documents must be submitted subsequently by post.

You will receive written notification after the application has been reviewed. If it is approved, you will also receive a contract proposal from the KfW.

With your signature, you accept the conditions. You must have your signature confirmed by an administrative office (for example, the student union). If the signed contract is received by the KfW within the specified deadline, then the credit agreement becomes effective.

Note: You can find the time limit, within which the signed contract must be submitted, on the notification of approval.

The credit institution is from then on your relevant contact partner for other matters (for example, conclusion of the contract, payment of instalments, repayment).

Required documents

  • Double-sided copy of the identity card
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Certificate that you have passed the intermediate examination of the course of study to be continued or
  • If there is no intermediate examination: a written declaration from your educational institution to the effect that
    • No intermediate examination is provided for in your course of study and
    • If they have completed the usual assessment components of the first year of training in case of a bachelor's degree and in case of other basic courses of study, have completed the usual assessment components of the first two years of training (in case of a credit points system, proof of the achievement of 60 credit points usually suffices).
  • In case of a post-graduate system, proof of completion of a course of study in the past
  • Proof of admittance to the final examination by means of the final examination printed form filled in by the examination office in case of the period of study having lasted for more than twelve semesters
  • In case of periods of residence abroad: Certificate from the German university that the achievements attained abroad are comparable to the domestic course of study in terms of content
  • In case of internships: Proof that the internship is connected to the course of study (in case of internships abroad, with a German translation)

In the case of students:

  • A recently issued school certificate (not older than 3 months) which indicates the total duration and the intended school-leaving qualification;
  • If applicable: Proof of an existing training qualification if your education ends with a general school-leaving qualification (for example, the Abitur).



Processing time

Depending on the number of applications, the processing time can be several weeks.

You will receive the money after you have sent the signed and legitimised loan contract to the KfW in Bonn.


If you have further questions, you can contact the Loan Credit hotline on telephone number 0228 / 99358 - 4492

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Wissenschaftsministerium released the full description on 17.07.2018.
Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts. In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.